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Super Cheese Bounce Game

Super Cheese Bounce Game

A fun online toy from a series of Tom and Jerry. Help Jerry load into the cart a little more cheese. Try not to catch a "significant surprises" from Tom, move more bright - and go from level to level.

Play Super Cheese Bounce

A gang of "gray mouse" robs syrohranilische! All attempts to prevent the guard Tom defeated! With loft warehouse is cheesy rain! Jerry nimble thief on the fly catches falling cheese and sighting sends the cart! But Tom had left there are still a couple of hefty items to drop them on Jerry's head ... Feel noble robber - Help Jerry collect and move the cart all the cheese and avoid the flying weight and the anvil.

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How to play: Move the mouse left and right to Jerry moved around the screen.

Controls the movement of a mouse with the computer mouse. Guess the trajectory of cheese slices and place back Jerry - Cheese bounce again and again move Jerry, until all the cheese is in the cart. Orange slices of cheese - a bonus, they are Gerry eats and replenishes your game account. Dodge the abandoned Tom weight - or lose. After earning a certain number of points, go to the next level. With each new level the game becomes more complicated - the speed increases, the number of simultaneously discharged pieces of cheese and frequent feline mischief. If you drop in a row over three pieces of cheese - the game is over. Pass all the levels to the end - you're a champion! In his next adventure is sure Jerry will you too!

Graphics of the game in the style of the famous cartoon "Metro Golden Mayer." Looney Tunes helps keep pace.

The game is played online, no-download and install on your computer. The game is free - download and play! And then it all depends on you.