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Food Fight Game

Food Fight Game

There is a game of "cat and mouse", and this is - "Checkers-mouse"! Jerry Mouse jumps on cells, collects cheese and various goodies, while trying not to fall into the clutches of Tom. A fun online toy that does not require much effort, but the ability to entertain children and adults.

Play Food Fight

This "kitchen stories" we see a familiar pattern: cheese, mouse and cat. Once the cheese is decomposed on the plates, which we have to jump. You use the arrows to move the Jerry on the playing field, go around burning flame on the stove and try not to meet with Tom. Each selected little mouse a piece of cheese - a 5 points to your account, each sausage - it just 20 points! At the same time on the field jumping Tom. His goal - not to collect food, and catch a mouse. But Jerry smart, because its speed depends on your reaction!

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How to play: The arrows move the cursor Jerry on the playing field.

Every keystroke - a jump one cell in a given direction. Getting on the plates of jelly, you springs and jumps through two cells. If you jump into the cake - it will fail, and the mouse will fall to the floor (and thus lose one of three lives). Need time to turn, when Jerry is on the edge of the playing field, so as not to fall too. Beware of gas burners - they are included, then go out again, but they can sometimes be found sausage. You can choose to take the risk, but you can skip. The game ends if you spent all of life. When you collect all the cheese - to the next level. Gaining a certain amount of points, Jerry gets another life. Falling into the clutches of a cat - plays at once, even if the rest of your life left. The sooner you can do it with a level - the more bonus time get. At the end, you will see a number of points. Especially successful players can get into the record books.

Two-dimensional graphics of the game, but bright in the style of the famous cartoon. Overs sounds wonderful music that sets the pace of play.

Interesting logic puzzles, coaching spatial thinking. Please both adults and children. Opens in a browser window, download, not necessarily. Playing online is free, if you want to download - for the activation code you have to pay.