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Tom's Trap-O-Matic Game

Tom's Trap-O-Matic Game

This game - a logic puzzle. It is necessary to place items so that eventually drop the cage on Jerry as he regales cheese. In the rooms, filled with furniture, it would be oh how difficult ... Manage? Or mouse will laugh again?

Play Tom's Trap-O-Matic

Probably all seen a series of "Tom and Jerry" in which randomly drawn objects convey a blow to the chain at the end of which the cat something falls. This time, Tom decided he plan it so that the drop on Jerry cage. But the room he can not go - it sleeps feisty dog. Maybe you can help Tom? Sorry for the poor man - mouse over it so slyly makes fun ...

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How to play: Overtighten the mouse and place various items from Device Library on the map. After placing the object may expand or delete. When all the traps are ready, click Test Trap.

If you agree - just run the game in a browser window. Select one of two rooms - a kitchen or living room. It offers room layout and a list of four items: launchers, rolling, suspension and cutters. For your convenience, the floor is lined by cells. Arrange things so that the transfer of shock trap door to the peg in the hole. An uninterrupted dotted line shows that the chain is made correctly. But be careful: some things are too slow, and some very noisy and wake the dog. Of course, the sound of the barking Jerry guard and escape before kick comes to peg.

To set the object to the desired location, open the list and drag the "mouse" on the floor. In the mini-window control, you can either rotate the selected item, or remove it. When you drag the object from place to place, a yellow dotted line - it will show "range" things. If the red dotted line ceases - to put the thing in the cage can not be selected. If in the end he is white, and, moreover, the chain stretches from the door to the hole - well, it's time to try! Press the «TEST TRAP» and watch the results of their efforts!

Did not work? AGAIN? Well, Jerry, WELL, WAIT!