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Cat-A-Pult Game

Cat-A-Pult Game

Task in this game comes down to the destruction of the things on the shelves. As the weapons will be the slingshot and slices of cheese. The more hits, the more problems there, Tom.

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The rivalry between the popular cartoon characters Tom and Jerry continued. This time, Jerry tries to deliver his opponent as much trouble destroying things mistress on the shelf. Books, pictures, phone, flowers, and much more will have to re-buy the house, and Tom will receive a lot of problems from a strict mistress. Of course, if you can get to them, because our cat, too, is up and tries to prevent it.

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How to play: Hover the mouse to the desired point of aim and press the left button. Hold the button while holding up until the indicator reaches the dark blue part, and then let go.

As a weapon - a slingshot, shooting chunks of cheese. Any target is destroyed with a few hits. The more hits, the more points you gain. After the game statistics are available to the number of shots, hits, steals and misses. No less important number - accuracy. So now you can practice and try to improve their results time after time.