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Bowling Game

Bowling Game

When the weather outside is bad and can not walk - Where did you go? Of course, in your favorite club! That's Tom & Jerry decided some exercise by playing bowling. Join us, will not be bored! Try to aim instead of Tom - and Jerry will be for you to hurt!

Play Bowling

If you think bowling is difficult only because of the severity of the balls and the online game easier to win - you're wrong! Tom does not work aim - stand in his place, try it yourself.

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How to play: Press and hold the left mouse button when the pointer is on the right track. The longer you press, the more powerful your shot.

Automatic built usual wedge Jerry danced with excitement, the ball is in your hands - click the mouse, and run! Punch-Out! BOOM! And why in the field still have pins? The second attempt! The account is written on a sticker on the bottom. The next round. Total rounds of 10, based on two attempts in each (of course, if you are not knocked all the pins with one stroke). At the end of the game you will be a joint account. Nothing complicated, if not always "run" sight-shooter. The secret to the success of the party - well choose the moment when the hand is exactly opposite the center of the pyramid. The only way you will be able to get as many points and win in the game. So - to be able to write his name in the top list of champions.

Entertaining game for those who want to test their response and accuracy. Besides - online, fast and free.