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Mouse About The House Game

Mouse About The House Game

Mice love cheese! Tom knows it, and decided to catch Jerry with "cheese tracks." He expects that the mouse will not be able to resist the temptation to eat and be sure to hit him in the leg. To avoid all the pitfalls on the road, draw a mouse, using different subjects.

Play Mouse About The House

Just like always - Tom catches the mouse again! But our Jerry (of course, only with your help!) Will be able to find a way out. And along well eat cheese.

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How to play: Place the items issued on the way Jerry, dragging the mouse to the specified locations.

Cheese on the trail will be Jerry himself, and your job - on time and in the right place to substitute the appropriate items to help defuse the gourmand or bypass traps Tom. Items overtighten the mouse out of the windows at the top of the screen and place in designated yellow circles or arrows place. But how to guess which item will work in every case? Little hint: if a little mouse to cross the puddle - use something light and buoyant, and if jumping from a height - soft (to neutralize the impact). Understand the logic? then go ahead!

Successfully collecting all the cheese at Jerry and you will be in the next room. And then you expect new tricks Tom and new ways to defuse. Think, try and win! Not all items on the list you may need. If you did not put the subject in the right place, or make a mistake in the choice of the subject - nesdobrovat little mouse! Sorry to be, if it eats cat ...

The game can be recommended for children - favorite characters teach children to think logically, to act quickly and bring a lot of fun. But adults will not be indifferent - cunning puzzles are solved, not the first time, to break a head once again it will be useful! Relax, stay a little child - Play fun games with Tom and Jerry online!