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Run, Jerry, Run Game

Run, Jerry, Run Game

Because of his addiction to cheese Jerry always gets in trouble! And now he was running away from Tom with a piece of cheese at the ready ... If it were not scattered about the house thing - it would be a simple task, but with a heavy load - try HOLD!

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"Run, Jerry, Run!" - An online game in the series about the adventures of a cat and mouse. Loads quickly, weighs little and entertain both children and adults. To pay for the game is not necessary.

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How to play: Press the left mouse button to perform a normal jump and two clicks to jump even higher.

In this game you have with Jerry escape from Toma, trying not to drop razdobyty cheese. Races are held on rooms, filled with furniture and small items. To successfully overcome all, Jerry has to jump as high as possible! And Tom at this time would just settle on his heels, trying to grab a hapless thieves. Bumping into objects can not - Jerry loses speed and assembled cheese, worsening his "jumping". But for larger items (such as a piano or table) can be run from the top. The main time for them to jump.

On the way, all will fall "cheese shadow." Collecting them in mid-air, Jerry and you wrest extra points. If you see a "head mouse" - try to pick it up! This bonus makes up for all the losses.

Jerry can manage space and arrows. If pressed simultaneously and the space bar and arrow "up" - mouse bounce even higher, even in the air!

Try to help your hero to go through all the levels, so that the cat would not eat it - and who knows, maybe Jerry and will treat you with a piece of cheese?