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What's The Catch? Game

What's The Catch? Game

This online toy - a series of games with famous toon Tom and Jerry. At first glance - the classic "catch-up", but a trick. Catch on the run to catch the falling dishes - a challenge for the cat. A tiny little mouse - is easier to jump? Play for your pet!

Play What's The Catch?

Once again, our favorite characters Tom and Jerry did not share anything! From their crazy race the whole house shake goes! What will the owner, when he sees a battered kitchen utensils? Tom obviously thrown out of the house if he will break more than three dishes ...

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How to play: Playing for Jerry, do click with the left mouse button for normal and double-click to jump higher. Tom driving, try to catch the mouse tray by pressing the left mouse button at a time when they are near the hands of the hero.

The poor little mouse! The cat is about to overtake him! Need to run, run faster! And then these blocks in the way, and balls, and all the other nonsense - you have to jump! If it were not for cheese, magically hovering in the air - Jerry just would not have the strength to run away!

If you are interested to see for who will win - play online for one of the characters. Download flash-based application, you get just two dissimilar game! The role of a cat or a mouse role - you choose.

If you choose Jerry - control it with mouse clicks. The chase is on a stable speed. Running up to the obstacle, press the left mouse button - and Jerry dutifully bounce. If you do not have time - he stumbles. Three times wrong - the game is lost, alas. To add strength to his hero, jump and collect the "flying cheese." Three consecutive catch cheese - get a bonus in the game.

Managed by Tom complicated matter. Cat chasing a mouse, but Jerry on china shelves, and Tomas below. Mouse throws a plate - a cat to catch them and carefully put on the bottom shelf. And all this at a decent speed! Get this trick can only while moving a computer mouse, clicks of the left button and pressing the space bar on your keyboard! Difficult, but interesting.

The game will please both adults and children. The more so because it is loaded fast and completely free!