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Tom and Jerry
Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry

Restless Cat Tom and Jerry Mouse hungry for new adventures and chases. Challenge your mind, speed, accuracy, and coordination with colorful free online games.

Tom and Jerry Games

Food Fight

"The battle for food" - this cartoon, and the puzzle, and fun to play. Spend Jerry across the playing field in order to gather all the pieces of cheese.
What's The Catch?

Eternal picture: Mouse runs, the cat catches. But this time, Tom will catch the falling plate, not Jerry. And for Jerry cooked steeplechase. For anyone sick?
Rig a Bridge

You need to build a bridge for Jerry, he was able to eat cheese. And try not to make noise, not to wake up Tom!
Run, Jerry, Run

Help little mouse escape from Tom Jerry, jump all the obstacles and still collect as much cheese. The frenzied race in which without you Jerry does well not cope!
Tom's Trap-O-Matic

Tom biggest dream - to catch a mouse. He even prepared a collection of tricks, but something he is not going well ... Maybe you can help the cat to deal with Jerry?
Mouse About The House

"Free cheese is only in a mousetrap" - or not? That spread throughout the house and waiting for a mouse bait. Help Jerry collect all the cheese and not get caught the cat.
Midnight Snack

Help Jerry sleepy to find the key and get to the bedroom. Overcome all obstacles and collect as much cheese!
Refriger Raiders

Jerry problem - the kid Nibls always hungry. The fridge is full of food, but what they miss Tom? Help feed the hungry friend Jerry!
Cat Crossing

Tom will need all his skill to get to Jerry. Spend a cat through a strip of moving obstacles to continue the pursuit of exciting little mouse ...

Our heroes bored staying home all the time. Tom and Jerry went to the bowling alley. Want to join them? Easily - download the application in the browser window and play!

Help Jerry to create problems of its neighbor - Tom the cat, knocking chunks of cheese as much stuff off the shelves.
Cheese Chasing Maze

Spend Jerry through the maze before it catches up with Tom. Collect cheese, avoid traps and dead ends. Good luck!
Super Cheese Bounce

The case in a million! A million pieces ... cheese. Jerry rob another cheese shop, and keeper Tom tries to stop them. Whose side are you?
Super Ski Stunts

Tom is now the turn to show what he can do! Summer, sea and water skiing! What about the tricks to win the competition?