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Midnight Snack Game

Midnight Snack Game

Interesting online game in which the mouse Jerry turns into a lunatic. Bumping into the corners, he wanders around the room in search of the key and ... cheese. Without your help, it just falls into one of the traps of Tom!

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Offers you the game - one of a series of games about the adventures of "Tom & Jerry". In it you have to spend sleeping on the move around the room as Jerry, to collect as much cheese and be sure to find the key. Only then will it be able to open the door to his burrow. On the way you will come across various obstacles to be around or jump. The better you do the job - the more points you will eventually scored. Go from level to level, look for bonuses and win!

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How to play: Overtighten the mouse arrow pointers and spring areas on the map, placing them in the correct order.

Control of the game is simple. Just drag the mouse left click the arrow to the cheese tray in the lower left corner of the screen and arrange so that Jerry was in the room, picked up the key and always got to the bedroom door. And if along the way you will be able to collect and diffuse cheese - this addition will improve your score. In the room there are obstacles: the pit and the fans. They can get around, but you can jump over. Bumping into walls, Jerry reverses direction is reversed. In each round of cheese arrows and springs in your stock is different - so use them wisely. A little help you will teleport whirlwinds - getting into one of them, your mentee leaves the second. Direction of movement is retained.

Successfully complete the level, the next you can get bonus orange arrows. They do not need to rearrange, and so they are in the right direction. If you sensibly set our cheese - that will pass through one of these "orange" and get extra points. Sometimes the rooms are still green arrows. They change the direction of travel for the return, but the "burn" themselves, and once they are no longer vospolzueshsya. If you think that your stock indexes were placed right - click "start". After that Jerry is himself, you have nothing to change it. All at your disposal five attempts on each level. Spent all of life - you lose. No - go ahead!

Good good game. Without aggression, without the time - rest and think. Online without downloading and for free!