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Super Ski Stunts Game

Super Ski Stunts Game

In this game you control Tom, to help him pass the obstacle course on water skis. Do not let it fall into the sea - because cats do not like water ... Rostrum with delight watching the competitors. Join soon! Ready, Set, Go!

Play Super Ski Stunts

Flash application in a series of Tom and Jerry. As always, fun, bright, spectacular! Game for kids and adults - waterskiing competition. Tom is afraid of water, but the crafty Jerry wrote it in the number of participants. Is the cat show some small little mouse your own?

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How to play: Left and right arrows to move the Volume on the water. Use the Z, X, C, Tom to take the right position.

Help Him with honor to complete the competition and get away with it.

Management - simple. Toma pulls the boat forward. Left or right along the highway you can "lay the bends" and avoid obstacles arrow keys. But it is much more points credited if you can pass the obstacles, do the figure on it. There are only three and a choice between them - with the keys Z, X, C on the keyboard. Try it, you will! Otherwise, Tom sits in a puddle ...

Moving from level to level, you increase the number of points earned and the chances of Tom to win the championship!

The game will always be waiting for you - online, without having to install and completely free.