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Cat Crossing Game

Cat Crossing Game

The cat have nine lives - but is it true? To catch a mouse, the One to cross the street with heavy traffic and a deep river. Choose the way for Tom so that it remains safe and sound, and win a prize!

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A fun online game in the series of Tom and Jerry. Please both children and adults. Simple controls, colorful graphics and relaxing music will help relax from business into the world of toon ...

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How to play: Pressing the arrow keys, make the jump Tom on the map in the desired direction.

"Passing the road in the wrong place, the kitten spent all his nine lives ..." - this is about our hero. If you will not help him - he just never fail. Traffic on the street and the river is so dense that it is necessary to act quickly and accurately. True, lives only five left, so try to keep them as long as possible!

To save his life - on the road Tom should avoid cars. And on the river opposite - not to drown the cat to jump from boat to boat to boat to boat ... - Until it gets to the other side. For there on the warm sand under the warm summer sun tans Jerry. Fear not, the cat will not eat a mouse! Jerry is too smart and have time to escape, but the cat inevitably will again overcome another obstacle ...

Control - just the arrow keys. Try to calculate the speed of nearby cars and boats, in time to catch slip through. The task is complicated from level to level, and all the little mouse escapes and runs away! Will there ever be an end to this exhausting race - depends on you. And how good is this ending for the cat? I wonder?

Then download the game for free in a browser window, and go!

Hey, look out the car!