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Rig a Bridge Game

Rig a Bridge Game

From what is now at hand will make it! Namely - the bridge to Jerry. In the course are matches, pins, blocks ... The goal - to get to the cheese and safely pass through the "gap" in the kitchen. Logical problems for fans of puzzles and cartoons.

Play Rig a Bridge

Who of us in childhood did not build skyscrapers out of scrap materials! In the course there were books, stools, rulers, matchboxes ... What pleasure was then to test their architectural masterpieces on the strength - to put on them toy cars, toy soldiers or arrange shelling! Remember all your construction skills - in this online game you need help to get to the mouse Jerry cheese, building bridges between the table, buffet, fridge ...

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How to play: Mouse to select the necessary tools to build and place it on the map, indicating the mounting location and the location of the end point of left-clicking.

You will have kitchen stuff. At every level - their number of different items. After Jerry Mouse is so small that the match will serve as a bridge, and a clip - openwork metal core. Strings will stretch marks, like this cable-stayed bridges. All that you have to connect, so that the design did not collapse under its own weight and helped Jerry quietly get the cheese. If the bridge will fall - the noise will wake up Tom, and little mouse nesdobrovat!

First run training - the first three levels of play will clearly show you how to manage with building materials. Just mouse over tighten things out of the windows at the top of the screen to the right place - they are marked with white dots. Once the bridge is built - click the arrow button in the upper left corner of the screen, and Jerry is ready to test your creation. Try to stay within the allotted time - the timer indicated hourglass. A total of ten attempts left one level. With each new level tasks become more complex, you have seen only the initial point of the path, and the rest will have to design the most. Certainly, you can skip some pieces of cheese, if they are located in remote places. But you know - the more cheese, the less time is spent - the more points you earn!

The game develops logical thinking and will be useful for adults to relax and children to exercise. Loads quickly, the traffic does not eat is free. The graphics are good, music is not annoying hearing. Tired of sounds - can be disabled.

Try it - you will like it!