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Refriger Raiders Game

Refriger Raiders Game

This time Jerry stormed refrigerator. He is not just a petty thief, his goal is noble - to feed the baby. Of course, Tom is also right - it must be protected from mice master's property! For whom are you going to play? Who will win?

Play Refriger Raiders

Two games in an ode to - surprise! This flash application, you can play and the cat, and for a mouse - just pick who you like best.

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How to play: Playing for Jerry, left and right arrows to scroll through the level of the refrigerator. Up or Move Down to jump from level to level. Spacebar - to take the product. Another press of the space bar leads the cast. Playing for Tom, use the cursor keys to move the scope and space to shoot.

Playing for Jerry, you will see the following picture: Jerry jumps on the refrigerator, throwing pieces of cheese and cherries down, where their small catches Nibbles. A cat Tom tries to get to the thief billiard balls. The more food will be able to gather for a friend Jerry, the more points you will pay in the end. To win, you need to feed yourself and Niblsa get down unscathed.

Jerry can manage the arrow keys: left and right - and the mouse runs up and down - and Jerry jumps off the shelf on the shelf. Leads him to the cheese or cherries, press the space bar - Jerry enough food, space again - and he throws it down. Do not yawn, watch balls. If you have successfully reset the food two or more times in a row - you get extra points for the series. Three times get under the ball - lost. To finish the game - just go down to the floor. But I wonder - how long can hold in your refrigerator Jerry?

If you choose a cat - get ready to throw balls into the rope running mice. If you miss them with a load 10 times - you lose. If you can knock Jerry and Niblsa 10 times - you and Tom won! Control - only arrows left and right (targeting), the cast - a space. Try to throw a little earlier than the mouse will be in sight - on the ball flight will take time.

The game is very bright, lively. Like toy for both children and adults. Accompanied by cheerful music to play online - a pleasure. Besides completely free - download and play!