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Cheese Chasing Maze Game

Cheese Chasing Maze Game

Jerry went on the road. It just goes into the wide world, and has no idea that it was about to catch up with Tom! Route for a mouse a way for it to reach the exit of the maze without incident.

Play Cheese Chasing Maze

Online game for fans of "Tom & Jerry" and drawn mazes. Only now will create a maze you - clicking on the squares of the field, turn the tracks on their way to build uninterrupted chain to exit the garden. Along the way, collect the cheese and corn, bypassing the trap and anvil. Remember - time is running out and the cat will soon catch up with you! But if you will pick up on the way watch - add yourself time to maneuver. Try not to "loopback" Jerry track, otherwise it will stop and you will lose.

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How to play: Press the left mouse button on the appropriate sector on the map to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise.

Jobs from one level to the more complex. Given that set of tracks on the playing field appears randomly - sometimes a puzzle to be very difficult. But once you have built the right way - Jerry lightning will rush to him to the door, and Tom for what it does not catch up!

Good graphics games like the original cartoons, and music - light jazz tune that sets the merry mood. The game is very lightweight and fast loading, management is only mouse clicks. But if you are stubborn and used to win the mind - this game is for you.